There are many reasons why children require fostering and the story of each individual child will be different. Some will have come from backgrounds where they suffered neglect or abuse, while others will have been in households where those that should have been caring for them became unable or unwilling to do so. Each and every child will have their own story to tell. 

why are children fostered?However, there is one common way to respond to the question “Why are children fostered?” Invariably, it is because they are highly vulnerable and need urgent help and support.

So what is fostering and what does it entail? We explain on this website that there are different types of fostering that those interested in being a foster carer can undertake. These range from short term breaks to permanent care and they are all hugely important for building the confidence of the children and young adults concerned.

Ask one of our Fostering to Inspire carers “what is fostering?” and they will probably tell you in their own way that it is about providing security, love and care to a young person that has been deprived of those benefits over a period of time, maybe even for years of their life. They might also mention the importance of the Mockingbird Family programme that underpins the work we do, offering a range of invaluable advice and support to carers in our network.

Who can foster?

As with the question “what is fostering?” we cover the subject of who can foster on this website. We explain how foster carers need to be over 21 years old, be a British citizen or have permanent leave to stay and have the time and commitment to undertake this vital role. 

But the range of people who can foster is not limited to traditional family models. For instance, we have excellent foster carers in our network that are single or in same sex relationships. The things they have in common are the ability to offer security, love, care and encouragement to their young people. 

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer or would just like to have further information about it then we’d love to hear from you. We can tell you more about why children are fostered, the challenges you may face and the incredibly rewarding aspects of being a foster carer. You will also learn that you will have our full support on every step of your fostering journey.