I am LGBTQ and I want to fosterSexual orientation does in no way affect a person’s chances of fostering a child or young person. We strongly believe that everyone should have an equal chance of becoming a foster parent with us.

Within the UK, growing numbers of LGBTQ people are becoming foster carers. Here at Fostering to Inspire we are a diverse fostering agency that welcomes all applicants with open arms.

In our experience we have found that carers from the LGBTQ community possess all the right qualities to care for a young person. In a previous article we wrote about how Family Social, a charity for LGBT adopters and foster carers, conducted a survey of social workers in the UK in 2011. They found that 76% of social workers thought LGBT people’s openness to difference and their ability to empathise with fostered children was a significant strength.

Over time, nothing has happened for us to change our view on this and we will offer our full support to each applicant that we deal with. This includes access to first hand advice, training and development opportunities and generous and competitive allowances

Given the ongoing demand for foster parents, and the increased recognition that LGBTQ people can meet this demand, we are constantly on the lookout for willing foster carer applicants from this community. 

If you are thinking, “I am LGBTQ and I want to foster”, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.