what do foster carers doBecoming a foster carer is a life changing experience for both the carer and child. Taking on the responsibility of looking after a young person is a wonderful thing to do and the role that carers’ play cannot be underestimated at all.

Here at Fostering to Inspire we have many years of experience in seeing first-hand the fantastic work our foster carers do. They have a broad skill set which enables them to understand the needs and concerns their foster child or children may have while looking after them.

There are a lot of tasks which foster carers perform to help care for their foster child, including:

  • Providing support: Foster carers are expected to offer care and support for a child with everything that they do. This includes their education, any clubs they attend outside of school, their health and looking out for their social wellbeing. Doing this helps a carer reinforce the strengths and abilities their foster child/children possess.
  • Managing behaviour: Foster carers use their calmness, nurturing nature and understanding to deal with any behaviour issues a child might have. Foster carers will be supported by our experienced team in providing therapeutic care to children.
  • Attend meetings and training sessions: While working alongside us, carers will have regular meetings with the team around the child.

We help our foster carers continue to learn about their role so that they can deal with any challenges which might occur. The help and support given never stops and we are on hand 24/7 to speak about any concerns our carers have.

If you are interested in starting your fostering journey and would like to find out more about what foster carers do then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.