Can social care workers fosterIt could be believed that due to the nature of the work which social care workers undertake they would not have the time to foster a young person. However, we have found that this is totally untrue and they are perfectly placed to understand the needs and requirements of fostering and what is expected of them. 

It is important to understand that there are several different types of fostering options a person can choose from. This means that if work commitments were too much to take on fostering full time then they could still provide a short term placement or respite break.

Social care workers are an invaluable part of the community and are on hand to support individuals and families through difficult situations. When fostering they can draw upon their experience to help motivate and show compassion towards a vulnerable child or young adult.

If you were to talk to us and say “I am a social care worker and I want to foster” then our immediate response would be to help decide the best way forward for your situation.

This is because here at Fostering to Inspire we do not discriminate against any job an applicant might have and will work with them to the best of our ability to see they are fully supported. 

If you feel ready to speak with us about fostering, or are simply looking for more information, Fostering to Inspire would be delighted to hear from you.