Fostering in RotherhamAt Fostering to Inspire we are based in Wakefield which gives us strong links to areas close by and we are always searching for people who are looking at fostering in Rotherham, as well as many other places.

Rotherham is a bustling town situated in South Yorkshire and has a wide variety of activities for families to enjoy. The town is surrounded by glorious areas of natural beauty, allowing families to take in the scenic charm of the area.

Local residents of Rotherham are spoilt for choice when it comes to countryside activities with a number of parks that cater to family days out. Rother Valley Country Park, located in the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham, consists of 750 acres of parkland and includes areas of open water, grassland, woodland as well as footpaths, bridleways and cycle routes.

There are lots more activities for families to enjoy in and around Rotherham, making it a great location to foster in. But how would someone start fostering here?

If you live in Rotherham and are considering fostering a child or young adult, we have the experience and resources to start your fostering journey. At Fostering to Inspire we focus on getting to know as many people in the community as possible to understand their circumstances and fostering requirements.

There are several stages to becoming a foster carer and these are:

  • The initial enquiry: Contact us and ask any questions you might have about fostering. Our team are happy to help as much as they can and give you support and guidance. We are always delighted to hear from new carers wondering about their options or existing carers wishing to transfer.
  • A home visit: This visit will allow for a more detailed discussion about what is involved in becoming a foster carer. It will be carried out by one of our supervising social workers and give us a chance to explain everything that we offer for our foster carers.
  • Application and assessment process: Once an application has been carried out, a detailed assessment from us will begin, ensuring that potential foster carers are fully aware of their role and are given the right support. Our assessment will take approximately 6 months to complete.
  • Approval: After the assessment is complete our fostering panel will then be able to determine the most appropriate types of fostering for each applicant. During the whole process an assessing social worker will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

If you are wondering about how to start fostering in Rotherham and would like to find out more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.