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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different

The level of support given to our foster carers is what makes us differentFostering to Inspire offers a distinctive service in terms of the support given to our carers, and children and young people that sets us apart from our competitors. As a committed fostering agency, we work very closely with our foster carers to ensure they provide an environment that very much acts as an ‘extended family’ around the fostering home and the child.

We recognise the importance of support and understanding for a fostering family and we employ a team approach in everything we do. Our carers are never left to ‘go it alone’.

As a fostering agency, we are working very hard with The Fostering Network to gain accreditation to the Mockingbird Family Model which brings together clusters of foster families to form constellations of support. Constellations function like an extended family in the best sense - with a central foster carer acting like Grandma or Auntie’s house; where both children and the adults who care for them can find quality, tangible support to thrive.

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Each foster family is additionally supported by Fostering to Inspire who provide professional and dedicated supervising social workers and Children's Resource Workers who carry out home visits and keep in regular contact with each fostering family.

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