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  • I am Asian and I want to foster

    I am Asian and I want to foster

I am Asian and I want to foster

Fostering to Inspire will always give a positive response to people who contact us and say that “I am Asian and I want to foster” and who are able to offer a safe and secure home for children and young people.  Care and emotional support are qualities that young men and women vitally need as childhood progresses into adulthood. Our experience has shown that Asian individuals and families can offer these benefits in abundance in and can provide an ideal fostering environment in which children can thrive. 

I am Asian and I want to fosterWe are continually looking to find caring individuals and families from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities to foster children and young adults. The series of background checks that Fostering to Inspire will carry out on any applicant are in no way determined by race, ethnicity or culture. Our sole objective is to make certain that we are matching the right child with the right foster parent.

If you are Asian and wish to discuss the possibility of fostering, or are simply looking for more information, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Then if you do decide to go ahead, Fostering to Inspire will be on hand to support you at every stage of your fostering journey, from the first telephone call to the first day with your new young person and onwards from there. 

To this end, we have adopted an ‘extended family’ model of support, based upon the Mockingbird Family Model; clusters of foster families forming constellations of support with a central foster carer at its heart, acting like a ‘Grandma’ or ‘favourite Auntie’. This means that both the children and the adults that care for them can find quality, tangible support to help them flourish.

There are several types of fostering that you could undertake which are listed in the What is Fostering? page of this website. Fostering a child will be life changing both for you and the child. You will learn as much about yourself and the important things in life as the child in your care will learn from you.


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