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  • I am a Teacher and and I want to foster

    I am a Teacher and I want to foster

I am a Teacher and I want to foster

Experience in nurturing the talents of children and young adults can make teachers the ideal foster parents. Whether involved in full-time or part-time teaching practice, your likely fostering skills would be extremely welcome in caring for vulnerable young people that have possibly come from troubled backgrounds.

I am a Teacher and I want to fosterAs a teacher, you will be well aware that your profession demands far more of you than preparing lessons and marking homework. You have the vital responsibility of inspiring your students to achieve the maximum potential of their abilities, build their self-confidence and prepare them for a happy and rewarding future. What could be a better definition of successful fostering than that?

Additionally, your teaching skills will help you to create the stable home environment that these young people urgently need. Your ability to plan and organise, when combined with loving care, will be immensely reassuring to children or young adults whose lives have been severely dysfunctional.

If you did wish become a foster parent, Fostering to Inspire would be on hand to support you throughout your fostering journey. Indeed, we are working towards providing an ‘extended family’ model of support, based upon the Mockingbird Family Model; clusters of fostering families forming constellations of support with a central foster carer at its heart, acting like a ‘Grandma’ or ‘favourite auntie’. 

This means that both the children and the adults that care for them can find quality, tangible support to help them flourish.

Now that you have found us, take some time to read through the pages of our website and when you are ready, please give us a call or complete the enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you and possibly to supporting you in being a successful foster parent from the teaching profession.

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