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  • Why are children fostered?

    Why are children fostered?

Why are children fostered?

There are two ways of responding to the question ‘why are children fostered?’ and both are life changing.

Firstly, and most importantly, there is the perspective of the child. Put simply, children are fostered because they need to be placed in a safe and nurturing environment, away from a home where this is missing. This might be because:-

  • there has been a sudden death of a parent along with an absence of extended family members who can support
  • of serious illness experienced by a parent
  • the child is an unaccompanied refugee, arriving in the UK scared and alone;
  • the child has suffered abuse or neglect (or is at risk of suffering abuse or neglect) and needs to be moved to a place of safety.

But it’s not just the child’s life that is changed by fostering. We don’t think there can be anything more rewarding than giving a young person a better life; supporting them through difficult times by listening, caring and just being there.

You might already work with children and young people and feel that you can put your skills and experience to perfect use by offering a home for a vulnerable child. You might also want to change careers, work from home and make use of a spare bedroom. Most importantly though, you will have a strong desire to really, really want to help a child in need.

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